Yes you read that correctly -- Teens both male and female in Arizona have found a new use for Tampons -- regretfully we have to report it is not to help stop a nose bleed.  On one hand we are kind of impressed by they ingenious method but on the other -- really stick a tampon up your "ho-ha or ha-ha" to get drunk? You've Gotta watch this video after the jump.

In theory, we have disappointed ourselves by not thinking of this first -- quickest way to get alcohol into the blood stream would be to absorb it, true but soaking a tampon in vodka and using it seems extreme.  Talk about your "Bloody Marry!"

Have our young men gotten so "metro" that they don't mind packing a little extra luggage in the "exit only zone" to get a buzz on? 

We about burst a stitch when Colbert says "When using Tequila make sure you don't salt the rim"