It's this weeks edition of  Old School Hotty vs. New School Hotty. And do we have a good matchup today. I thought we would grab some actresses today for the poll, only because these women are not always seen in a bathing suit or in a cute nighty on every magazine cover.So, today our new school hotty is Claire Coffee. She was in the TV show, "West Wing ," and "General Hospital." You can also get a "better" look at Claire from her shoot with Maxim -- that certainly might influence your vote a little bit!

Our old school hotty is Michelle Pfeiffer. She has been in loads of movies, including "Batman Returns" and the famous "Scarface" as Tony's girl. And we can't forget about the scene above in "What Lies Beneath." Bad movie, great scene!

So you know how we do this, get your vote on!