Today one of the best science fiction television shows turns 20. Can you believe that two decades ago the X-Files began? Let's celebrate this monumental anniversary in style. 

The X-Files is now a legendary show. People all around the world, even after airing its final episode, are still watching this science fiction mix of scary, weird, and hilarious. 20 years later, the love for this show is still going strong.

Created by Chris Carter, the X-Files was a show that made the 90's great. A true staple to the American media landscape. 202 episodes over nine seasons shows that people all over could not get enough of Mulder and Scully.

FBI special agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) wandered through the unexplainable as an unexpected but perfect pair. Their relationship grew through those nine seasons and two movies, giving the world a better friendship and love than any Twilight movie could ever accomplish.

They stole each other's hearts and all of ours.

Don't try and lie and say that you men out there didn't have a bit of a crush on Scully at one point. Look at her.

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She had brains, courage, and beauty. And, her partner wasn't too bad himself.

There is not a girl out there that can deny having a slight crush on David Duchovny at some point. As Mulder, he was unstoppable. With good looks, a bleeding heart for finding the truth and his sister, a quick wit, and loads of bravery; Mulder became every girls dream 90's man.

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The X-Files weren't all about these two cuties. The show was a roller coaster ride of science fiction, horror, mystery, and laughs. It was a great combination that led the world to an undying love of the show. Even when the movies weren't as good as the show, the world paid to see them again and again. People are still paying bundles of cash for X-Files merch and box sets.

All of this fandom and love for the show is why today is such a big deal. So, let's get to celebrating. Here are a few videos for the true X-Files fan to help get into the celebration mood.

In honor of their 20th anniversary, the cast of the X-Files got together for a panel at Comic-Con. Didn't get to go? No worries. Here is a video of the entire panel.

Doesn't that bring back memories?

Though Mulder and Scully look a little different, they still hold a special place in so many X-Files fans' hearts. Here is a collection of some of the best moments between the two.

Those two created such a great show that geeks around the world today will celebrate with full hearts. Their hilarity and chemistry created some of the best out takes and bloopers.

Watching these YouTube videos won't be enough for a lot of the X-Files fans out there. Don't be shocked if all of your friends are staying in tonight to watch that X-Files movie again, or try to cram a whole session of their favorite episodes into one night.

Happy X-Files day, guys! Hope your celebrations go well. Remember, the truth is out there.