Old School Stereo Refurb Project FINALE
This past weekend I visited my brother-in-law, Ryan who has been refurbishing an old school analogue Pioneer stereo receiver.  IT'S DONE!  The stereo receiver is a Pioneer SX 535.  He also tracked down some cool vintage speakers to pair with the unit.
The Rolling Stones Rock Chicago
Chicago has held a special pull for the Rolling Stones from before the group even existed. Mick Jagger was famously carrying albums from Chicago-based Chess Records when he ran into his childhood pal Keith Richards at the Dartford railway station in 1960...
Top 10 Absurdities of Our Modern Culture.
Well we do piercings as kids and some tattoos and buy some weird drinks and toys nobody else would ever have or use. But here is the list of the most ridiculous things people have ,do and use.

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