Is It Stuffing or Dressing? [POLL]
What do you call that side dish made of cubed bread, chicken broth, and maybe some celery and sausage?
See what other people think about what's right and wrong, and then cast your vote to settle this once and for all.
Texas Doesn’t Always Go For Thanksgiving Classics
It's not all about the turkey and stuffing in Texas.  It's usually on the table at Thanksgiving, but there are also some unique side dishes there that put us right up there with Washington's "Cottage Cheese Roast" for being a little weird.
Learn to Brew Your Own Beer at This East Texas Event
The craft brew industry has exploded over the past few years, and Texas brewers are cranking out some pretty amazing stuff.  What about some home brew?  You can learn how to make beer in your garage, at an event this weekend in Marshall.
A New Burger Idea For Your Labor Day Barbecue
If the 4th of July is the biggest grilling weekend of the year, Labor Day Weekend is not far behind.  If your family and friends can handle an alternative from the typical greasy burger, this is a tasty and impressive idea.
Happy Memorial Day! Make Chicken To Impress Your Guests.
Here's an idea, if you feel like branching out from the beer can chicken tradition on Memorial Day.
I've been making Tequila Lime Chicken for years, and it's always a hit and it's easy to make.  The only way to mess up, is if you rub your eyes after handling the jalapenos. Th…
Eat These Today And You’ll Have Good Luck
New Year's Day means grocery stores in Texas sell a lot of Black Eyed Peas!  We eat 'em on New Year's Day in Texas and they bring us luck.  When good things happen through the year, we can thank the peas.
(We always say "black eyed peas," but have you noticed it's "blackEYE peas" …
Here’s How To Turn A Pumpkin Into A Beer Keg
This might be fun at your Halloween party.
The beer comes right out the spigot that's you'll insert when you channel your best artsy, inner Martha Stewart.  Or maybe we don't have to be too crafty on this.  Looks easy!  And it holds 6 to 12 bottles of beer...

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