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Big Name Concert Announcement Coming Monday Morning
Rumors have been circulating for the past week, loud enough that I've mentioned it as a real possibility on Classic Rock 96-1 several times in the past few days.  Now, it's been confirmed, but the promoters put a gag order on us 'til early Monday morning.  That's killin…
Sammy Hagar’s In Austin Tomorrow
If you can get Thursday off & want to take a road trip down to our capital city, there are two ways you can see the Red Rocker.  
First, he'll be doing a "public interview" speaking appearance at the South By Southwest Music Festival.  ...
Solved! The Mystery of The Phantom Record
For three weeks in the Summer of 1979, a song called 'Ready N Steady' by a band named D.A. charted on the Billboard charts.  It never peaked higher than #102.  Then, it vanished.  Never to heard from again.
That's not entirely unusual, of course...

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