‘Season Of Light’ Show Illuminates Holiday Traditions
From Christmas and Hanukkah, to traditions originating from Scandinavian, Celtic, and even Roman roots, this “Season of Light” is a rich tapestry of holiday customs. There are some with which we are quite familiar, and we merrily sing along about “maids a' milking” a…
Downtown Tyler’s Hit The Bricks: Holiday Edition
'Tis the season, and the December's Hit the Bricks offers seasonal flair and holiday fun as downtown businesses and venues come alive—both on and off the square. Activities include live music, the Blue Santa Pub Crawl, the Art Walk, and much more.
The Best Trees Have Ornaments With a Story
We'll probably walk past a hundred Christmas trees this season and never know the full story behind each ornament. The ones that have been hand-made by a relative can probably tell an important story if we take the time to ask.

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