We have decided the Cage Match is very important to you all, per your emails. So what better to do than do it daily now? Every day, Monday through Friday, you will have a Cage Match. Today we will have new music from Volbeat up against legendary Soundgarden and their new single.Volbeat hail out of Copenhagen, Denmark, and have exploded on the scene with Beyond Hell/Above Heaven, their fourth studio album. They will even be in concert in Dallas on March 6.

Here is their single for the Cage Match, "Heaven nor Hell."

Volbeat: 'Heaven Nor Hell'

Now for Soundgarden in our cage match today. We all know they are from Seattle and have been on the scene since 1984. Their latest album, "King Animal," is topping the charts now and "Been Away Too Long" is the album's first single release.

Soundgarden: 'Been Away Too Long'

Your vote decides to lives another day in the Cage Match, so get to voting. Voting ends at 6 a.m. Thursday (Jan. 31)!