We have decided the Cage Match is very important to you all, per your emails. So what better to do than do it daily now? Every day, Monday through Friday, you will have a Cage Match. Today we will have Wednesday's winner (I was out yesterday) -- legendary Soundgarden and their new single against All That Remains' New Single.Our reigning champ Soundgarden took down Volbeat on Wednesday and they've made their way back. We all know they are from Seattle and have been on the scene since 1984. Their latest album,"King Animal,” is topping the charts now and “Been Away Too Long” is the album’s first single release.

All That Remains will be in the cage today against Soundgarden. They hail out of Springfield, Mass., and have been putting out albums since 1998. The latest album is called "A War You Cannot Win." The new song is "Stand Up."

Now it's your turn. VOTE!