It's time for Friday's cage match. And today we will pull Chris Cornell up and throw him in the cage but in a different way. We are putting Audioslave and Soundgarden against each other, so it's kind of like Chris Cornell facing ... um, Chris Cornell.Now be truthful with this poll today. I know we all love Soundgarden and Audioslave and Chris Cornell for that reason. But today we will choose the band you like him best in.

Chris Cornell was good in both bands. Soundgarden was breaking barriers with their Superunknown and with earlier albums Louder than Love and Badmotorfinger. They had plenty of No. 1s to speak of.

Audioslave was great in their own way backed by Rage's band. They also had great albums with The Self-titled album, Revelations and Out Of Exile.


Now all that's left to do is vote!