Brooklyn Decker is in the new movie "Just Go With It."  The movie stars Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston who are friends who fall in love at the end.  If you don’t get what is going to happen just from watching the trailer than maybe this one isn’t for you.  Sandler falls for a young girl played by the super hot Brooklyn Decker.  You know here from her Sports Illustrated Swim Suit work.  If you don’t know her work than you are missing out.  So the only problem with Sandler and Decker living happily ever after is that he fakes being married to get with girls.  This is where Aniston, his assistant in the movie, comes in to pose as his self centered ex wife.  One thing leads to another and then Aniston’s kids get involved in the scheme and it lands them in Hawaii where Sandler and Aniston discover that they have been in love with each other all along.  The movie also has appearances by comedian Nick Swardson, Nicole Kidman and Dave Matthews.  Matthews is surprisingly funny.

Here is a photo gallery of Brooklyn Decker.  You're welcome.