Bret Michaels is talking more about his lawsuit against the Tony Awards for the 2009 scenery mishap that left him with a fractured nose, a split lip and allegedly led to his brain hemorrhage. At an event this weekend, Bret said he tried to resolve the issue with the Tony producers but explained, “Let’s just say they were pretty cold.” According to D Magazine, Bret added that the awards show didn’t cut away from the incident when they could have avoided embarrassing him. It blows my mind that the Tony Awards didn’t pay medical costs either, so he is suing for them and for lost wages due to his injuries. Michaels says, “I’m sorry it came to this.” More after the jump.

Bret does admit, however, that the brain hemorrhage might have actually been a good thing since it led doctors to discover a hole in his heart, which he’s since had fixed:

In case you missed the accident at the Tony Awards, here is the Youtube video: