Recently sat down with the legendary Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top to talk about his 4 decades of life in rock & roll.  It's always interesting to get inside the head of a rock & roll legend like Gibbons.  More after the jump.

I like the question "how do you listen to your music –  CDs? Albums? Digital?" Keep in mind that Gibbons is 62 years old:

Digital on the road, but who doesn’t like taking a fresh LP out of the sleeve and whipping it on a turntable and dropping that needle down on the first groove.

It's interesting and quite cool that a 62 year old is listening to music digitally.

I also like the question "do you use a ZZ Top keychain for any of your cars?" The ZZ Top keychain was made famous in the 1983 video for Legs.

Yes, of course!  There’s one connected to the key in the ignition of our latest, the “Mexican Blackbird,” a so, so fine ’58 Thunderbird with a scalloped paint job that will make you swoon.

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