Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward is hitting back over allegations from Ozzy that he is too ill to participate in the on-going Black Sabbath reunion.

Bill left the band ahead the group recording their "13" album. A war of words between the two metal legends has been ongoing. Ward says he didn't join the group for the record because they presented him with a contract that was "unsignable".

Bill told Ghost Cult Magazine, "I spent nearly a year with Black Sabbath, working on what would have been the 13 album."

“I was never in a position where I was never able to drum. It’s really sad that those statements made about me that inferred that I wasn’t able to drum."

“Never at any time was my drumming impaired, my health impaired or my ability to play drums. I’m so angry about those suggestions.”

Ward says he wants an apology from Ozzy Osbourne before he will even consider joining the band for their final tour in 2016. Tony Iommi, meanwhile, has gone on record saying that Bill is welcome to return if he wants. He says the decision is up to Bill.