Today we are going to talk about video game franchises. We started playing Pac-Man and Asteroids as kids and now we are sitting down for hours on an Ops franchise or Madden, trying to win the big game. More and more of us (even adults) are getting engulfed in video games to enjoy a boring, rainy day or just to get bragging rights. I bring this subject up today because so many of us like different games and are strongly opinionated on which games flips the switch for us.

I personally love Madden NFL and Call of Duty "Black Ops." This weekend I had a few friends over for our weekly Madden beatdown, and one of my friends brought up we should all play this game called "Just Dance."

I said, "Holy, no way are we going to have a dance-off on a relaxing Sunday." But the argument still is at the water cooler, which game is the best? This year hasn't seen all the games released, so we put up last year's results.

Today I have put up the top 20 games, so you can vote on your favorite or add your favorite.