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We have talked among ourselves and came up with our own list of Ultimate Rock Ballads. Take a look back in time and see if you agree with us.




Steelheart--I'll Never Let You Go(Angel Eyes)

Number five on our top five ultimate rock ballads


This song only hit #14 on the charts but became the second most requested video on MTV. With the high vocal range of Miljenko Matijevic, many a lead singer was jealous and many women fell in love.





Skid Row--I Remember You

Number four on our list of ultimate rock ballads


The third single off their self-titled debut album, I Remember You reached #6 on the Billboard Top 100. Lead vocalist, Sebastian Bach is quoted in an interview saying "I Remember You was the #1 prom song in the U.S. in the year 1990. You talk about making memories....."





Motley Crue--Home Sweet Home

Here comes number three on our top five


Appearing on their album Theatre of Pain, Home Sweet Home is ranked at #12 on VH1's greatest power ballads of all time. Released in 1985, the song only charted at #89 on Billboard Hot 100, but was re-released as Home Sweet Home'91 on the Decade of Decadence album where it peaked at #37 on the Billboard Hot 100





Bon Jovi--I'll Be There For You

Nearing the #1. Here is number 2 on our list of ultimate rock ballads


Released in 1989 as the third single off their album, New Jersey, Ill Be There For You climbed it's way up the chart, finally reaching #1 on the Billboard Top 100. This song remains one of Bon Jovi's signature songs and is considered a classic among power ballads.





Poison--Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Here it is! Our number 1 ultimate power ballad.


The third single released from the Open Up And Say...Ahh! album, Every Rose Has Its Thorn was released in 1988 and reached #1 on Christmas eve of the same year staying on the top spot for three weeks. It took the number 7 spot on VH1 Top 25 Power Ballads of All Time. Telling the story of pain and heartbreak that comes with relationships and love, the song hit home with a lot of people and expressed the feelings that were tearing through their hearts. "Like the knife that cuts you, the wound heals But the scar, that scar remains"