They don't call it the ball and chain for nothing. Marriage is that turning point in your life to finally calm it down some.

So you have to go out with a bang. Here's the top five ways to live it up! Now of course Las Vegas is the way to go all out.

But were not all loaded enough to have our own Hangover movie. Here are our best places in Tyler for a bachelor party-- some local ideas and places to go.


Love sports or music? Well when your married you might not get to go see the Mavericks play as much or see your favorite music group go all out. So why not try and grab some Mavericks playoff tickets! We're giving them away anyway. Or find the best show you can and jam the night away!


Load up the truck, and hit the woods! Nothing like enjoying mother nature, or shooting it up. East Texas is full of great places to get away from it all.  There are plenty of great places to set up a tent and catch some fish.
- Tyler State Park
- Copper Breaks State Park
- Lake Palestine
- Caddo Lake State Park


Might as well get used to the more laid back atmosphere since your getting married. Hit the golfing course and cut some green, or load up the boat and hit the water. Either way, its grown man living time!  I highly recommend trying these golf courses.

- Garden Valley Golf Course
- Pine Springs Golf Course
- Eagles Bluff


Well, I mean come on, its a bachelor party. Not like your gonna be getting to do wild things like this anymore. So roll up the ones, and let loss! Hit up maybe Jaguars Gold Club, or Timeout in Tyler. In between? Try Baby Dolls in Kilgore.


Be it your place, or a friends, nothing like a good house party to make the night. You can call order strippers if you need too, but living it up at a household can be great. Especially considering your in a place you know you can crash if you pass out, and not have to deal with being arrested most likely. Those are great things in my book.

So those are the best ways to live up your last days of freedom. But remember, its not what your doing, but who your doing it with -- and anything is great when its you and your best buddies! Maybe you can try to do all activities in a nonstop bachelor party weekend. All bachelor party ideas recommend large amounts of alcohol for full effect.