Father's Day is coming up on June 19th this year. Dad's can often times be tough to buy for. Sometimes it's because dad doesn't really want or need anything in particular. Another reason dear old dad can be tough to buy for is the price tag on the things they would love to have. Cars, lawn equipment, and things like hi-tech gadgets can be costly to say the least. I've put together a list of not only gifts to buy for dad, but also a few things you can do with him to let him know he's appreciated! More after the jump.

Expose Your Inner Child

Father's Day can be a great time to sit back and relax with dad, but how about getting outside and getting active?  When is the last time you played a game of catch with dad?  Plan a day of playing games, splashing in the pool -- just hang out and talk with him -- enjoy each others company. I bet you haven't done that since you were a kid.

Peanuts & Cracker Jacks

While I'm on the subject of baseball, another great idea is taking dad to a Texas Rangers game!  When is the last time that you and dad went to the ballpark together?  The Texas Rangers are out of town on Father's Day, but they are in town the next 3 days immediately after!  Plus, they will be taking on the Astros!  Nothing like a good Lone Star rivalry to enjoy with dad! If those dates are not good for you, you could also just buy tickets to a future game.  The Rangers play through September (and hopefully in to October)!

Back To Nature

Another idea for something to do with dad, fishing!  Actually any activity on the lake would be nice!  Another thing that East Texas has plenty of  is lakes.  Fishing, skiing, tubing, or just floating around on the water.  The lake is a nice peaceful place to spend some quality time with dad.  Bass fishing on Lake Fork, or Catfish on Lake Palestine, bring on the water!  Want to get away from town for a few days and spend some extended time with dad?  Texas Parks and Wildlife can give you some ideas for other areas of the state.  Camping, fishing and hunting somewhere away from home can make lasting memories.


We are really lucky here in East Texas with the abundance of parks.  Earlier this spring we wrote  an article "Best Playground in East Texas - Our Top Seven".  Pack up the kids some snacks and just unplug from the world. Spending time with grand kids can be a favorite memory for your dad.    Plus, when's the last time your dad played on a swing or slide?  Give him the opportunity to relive some of his childhood and spend quality family time to boot!

Hit the green (we don't mean 'smoke')

Let's face it, everyone in East Texas is not a golfer, but it's certainly not for the lack of quality golf courses!

We listed some really great golf courses to help you set up a tee-time.  Many a great afternoon are spent out "whacking a ball around" not really trying to be Tiger Woods -- but just time away from all the pressures of real life.  This is a great activity to get dad one-on-one.  Stop and take a moment to listen to your dad -- ask him questions about his opinion (expect to get it.)  Father's Day is about showing the man who guided you through life how much he really means to you.