The old question is still in circulation: What is your favorite beer? Well, we all have different palates for different beer. This question was spurred on by an argument the other night with a friend at my last mixer. But the question looms: What is your favorite beer?

OK, as we delve back into the argument with my friend over which beer is the best needs to be put to rest. So who better to ask than you guys?

There have been arguments and relationships failed over what we like to drink. My friend enjoys the Bud Light brew only and will not budge on another. I personally enjoy a lager called Grolsch.

There have been lists published on the top beers, but I didnt like this list so I created my own list. This list is mostly generated from what I see people drink in bars and at parties. And my buddy owns a liquor store so I asked him about his top sold beers.

The list is here for you to vote! What's your favorite beer? If you don't like any of these, write in your own!

And while we're on the beer subject, don't we all need a dog like this?