No one in the band was hurt, but the tour bus for Dropkick Murphys hit a pedestrian near Austin, and the man died at the scene on Sunday.

Police are working to figure out if the man just happened to be crossing the road, or if it was a suicide.

The accident happened Sunday afternoon near Round Rock, as the band was traveling from San Antonio to Dallas.  The man apparently ran onto I-35 into the path of the bus, and the bus hit him.  The band canceled their show in Tulsa on Sunday night, and they've been providing updates on their Facebook page and website.  They posted Monday that the man has been identified as Dalton Lane Clark.  As we can all imagine the band is shaken up, and they're shifting the focus off of their music and to the man's family right now.

Wikipedia describes Dropkick Murphys as an American Celtic Punk Band, formed in 1996 in Massachusetts.  They're biggest hit was part of the movie soundtrack for The Departed in 2006 -- the song "I'm Shipping Up To Boston."  And they still tour extensively, with several shows scheduled this week.

They've also asked for donations to the man's family, through a Go Fund Me account listed on their website.