I love looking at all the back-to-school pics on social media this time of year.

One of my sassy, fun (and kid-less) Facebook friends posted this on Monday, "Um...Did school start?" Haha! What makes you say that?!

Yeah...maybe we parents are guilty of overloading Facebook with backpack pics, but we don't have anything else exciting going on. Sideways wink!

This is my oldest kiddo, Finley, on her first day of 1st Grade on Monday.

The first day of kindergarten was happy/sad last year, but day one of 1st Grade was just happy. She was a tad timid because she's at a new school with new classmates, but excited too. I high-fived her and said, "You got this!" And we celebrated the end of the first day with a snow cone, along with about fifty other Moms, Dads, and kids who had the same idea.

Side bar.....Her teacher's name is Buzan and she was having trouble pronouncing it, and one of my goofy friends tried to get her to remember it saying BOOZE-on. See, the great 1st grade lessons are already beginning! ;-)

I hope you and your awesome kids have a great year.  You got this kids!