Kids may not fully understand the value of a dollar, but one little girl managed to buy a car on her dad's credit card without him even knowing.

Sorella Stoute of Portland, OR was playing with her dad's smartphone like she frequently does when she came across the eBay App.

Paul Stoute, Sorella's father, was sent a notice from eBay congratulating him on his latest purchase. The notice informed Paul that he was now the proud (and somewhat confused) owner of a 1962 Healey-Austin Sprite.

When Paul verified his credit card statement, it was all true - he was the owner of the Sprite. Fortunately, his daughter did not manage to choose a high-expense car and only cost him $225.

Paul explained that his eBay account had some old cars saved to it because he was interested in fixing-up an older car with a friend. He stated that he is going to rebuild the car and has the intention of giving it to his daughter for either her 16th birthday or high school graduation.

Fortunately for Sorella, she picked out her own car at a very young age!

Now we all know that eBay can help you find just about anything you're looking for, and clearly Sorella fully understand that knowledge.