Weird and exciting news out of Australia about a man who was brought back to life after being clinically dead for 40 minutes back in June of last year. I'm not sure why we are just finding out about this story - or why the big news of this obvious life-saving machine have not been made more public before now.

39 year-old Colin Fiedler was rushed to Alfred Hospital in Melbourne after experiencing an apparent cardiac arrest. Alfred is the only hospital - apparently in the world - that has this new mechanical CPR machine that performs constant chest compressions. That machine along with another one that is a heart-lung machine that keeps oxygen and blood flowing to the brain and vital organs is said to be the secret to this new life-saving technique that the hospital has been testing for two years.

So far seven patients have been treated with this new procedure. Fiedler is one of three patients who have been revived and able to return home without disability. Apparently some of the patients have been clinically dead for upwards of 60 minutes!