Central Texas has some dance halls with history behind them, like the Broken Spoke in Austin, and Gruene Hall about 45 minutes to the south.

Those two spots seem to have enough history and tradition behind them to continue drawing a crowd, and they've got that cool factor that attracts both older cowboy boots and young skinny jeans.  But will other Texas dance halls last?

A new article points out those older buildings that give the dance halls that nostalgic, rustic feel also require a lot of maintenance.  Some of the old dance halls are surrounded by apartments and other new developments and have lost some of their country charm.  And it's tough to build a brand new dance hall and distress it enough to make the floors creak and the the smell of fifty years worth of spilled beer rise to the surface.

Earlier this year USA Today ran an article that highlighted Texas dance halls that should be appreciated, and the Music City Texas Theater in Linden represented East Texas on the list.

The former theater is a sit-down performance venue that's run by Richard Bowden, who played with Don Henley and Glenn Frey, who went on to form the Eagles.

Taking a tour of the old Texas dance halls sounds like a road trip in the making to me. Billy Bob's Texas in Fort Worth is another one that's worth the drive.