Once again a celebrity breaks the law and gets a light sentence. This time it is rap star/actor Ja Rule. Police stop him for speeding and find a gun, then he turns around and gets popped for tax evasion. What is his sentence? Find out after the jump

Why do celebrities get such special treatment when it comes to breaking the law? Ja rule was pulled over in his $250,000 sports car for speeding. With no insurance and a suspended registration, the police searched the car and found a loaded, unregistered .40 caliber gun in the back door. He was arrested and taken to jail.

So while pleading guilty last month to attempted criminal weapon possession he was also busted for tax evasion for the $3 million he earned between 2004-2006. So lets stop for a moment and ponder this, plead guilty to attempted? He had an illegal gun in his car that was loaded, looks to me like he succeeded in possessing it. So what did he get for that. Up to two years in jail.

Now lets go to the federal tax evasion. This is something a lot of stars get caught for. They blame it on being young and naive, or their managers screwing up their finances. He actually admits that he hasn't paid taxes in five years. What does he get on this charge? Twenty-eight months! Oh yeah, he also has to pay $1.1 million in back taxes. I am sure that will put a dent in his pocket.

So here is the grand finale. He will get to serve both sentences at the same time and with good behavior, probably only see about 18 months in jail. Were it an average joe getting busted on the same charges, all property and possessions seized, and the maximum jail time allowed. Why won't they come down hard on these people? It all seems the same to me. Politicians and celebrities getting away with criminal charges is infuriating. Maybe next time I get pulled over I will just tell the officer that I am an actor and see if I can get away with a warning.