It all started when four police officers in East Haven, Connecticut were arrested by the FBI for racial profiling.  But this isn't what has the Latino community concerned.  It's the comments that were made by East Haven mayor Joseph Maturo Jr. when he was asked what he was doing to support the Latino community in this matter.

When WPIX reporter Mario Diaz asked the mayor his thoughts on what he could do for the Latino community, the mayor responded, "I might go home and have tacos for dinner."

As you might imagine, this angered the Latino community, but I think their way of getting back at the mayor doesn't really help their plight.  The Latino activism group Junta for Progressive Action has launched a text-for-tacos campaign to draw attention to the comment.  Every time someone texts the word "taco" to 69866, an actual taco is sent to the mayor's office.

Even though the mayor apologized for this comments, the mayor's office has received about 500 tacos, which they have donated to local soup kitchens.