Alison Brie is best know as Annie on ‘Community,’ and Trudy Campbell on ‘Mad Men.’ She is our crush today because we are tired of hearing ‘why hasn’t Alison Brie been a Crush of the Day’ yet from everyone we’ve ever spoken to ever.

Don’t get us wrong, we dig Alison Brie a whole bunch. We think she is adorably hysterical. She is truly adorkable, though we promised never to use that word again. Stuff like this won us over.

We were just never in a rush to make her the crush because we hope to be here for a long time and we were going to get around to her eventually. We thought it kind of obvious to point out the amazingness of Alison Brie. People just wouldn’t stop pestering us about it, so here she is, in all her glory, Alison Brie as the ‘Crush of the Day.’ Now calm the hell down internet.