Tyler Medical Expert

Most people including health insurance companies and doctors consider things such as mammograms and prostate exams to be preventative procedures. Both have relevant uses but they are far from preventative. Unfortunately both test tell you that you have a problem after the problem already exist. The use of Digital Infrared Thermography Imaging gives you the ability to see the physiological changes in the earliest possible stages. An equally informative medical test would cost you thousands of dollars. Even though DITI is not covered by insurance it is very affordable and will give you the opportunity to track your body’s physiological changes.

Health is not merely the absence of symptoms. Simply treating symptoms typically leads to a life filled with consuming an abundant amount of medication and being physiologically sicker than you have ever been. Remember the top disease killers in our society rarely express any symptoms until it is too late. Medical research has shown that cancer typically develops for nine years on average before it can be detected the best with medical testing that focuses on looking at structural changes. DITI focuses on physiological changes which often occurs 8-12 years earlier than structural changes.