Remember the days of playing outside with your friends and hearing the faint sound of the ice cream truck coming down the road? You would rush inside to break open the piggy bank to get a few quarters out before the truck passed your house. This one is just like that -- only it's for "adults only!"

Don't get too excited. This doesn't mean the ice cream comes with a "happy ending." It does, however, come with a massage and a free manicure! It's actually a promotion from Dove Ice Cream, and it's only coming to 10 cities in the US -- and most of those are in the northeast.

The truck will be loaded down with Dove Ice Cream and will offer a free five-minute back and neck massage by a licensed massage therapist and a free manicure. Sorry, the closest stop to East Texas will be Tampa, Fla., on July 9.

The company held voting back in May, but no one bothered to tell us here in East Texas. I demand a re-count!