Girls hide a lot about themselves when they begin to date a guy. Their bathroom activities, farts, their face without makeup on, and plenty of other things that might make you not "like" them any more. But, there are a few things we do enjoy that you may not expect. 

Sure, not all of these will be appealing to every girl in the world. But, a lot more of women like these things than you would expect.

1. Action Movies


You think we won't like going to see that new Avengers movie with you because we would prefer a romantic comedy or something of the like. Nope. We want to see these movies with you. Why?

Duh, we like hot guys. What is a common factor of action movies? How guys. Come on. Wolverine shirtless, Thor's arms, and (Oh my God!) the new Superman. We want to watch these buff and sweaty men save the world.

Don't think when we want to go to a 12 a.m. Batman premier with you that it is to have a favor to hold over your head until our next shopping trip where you will be our walking/talking purse holder. No. We want to see a cute boy run around in tight costumes.

2. Video Games

We love video games. Not all of them, but a lot more then you believe.

We get it. The thrill of a good head shot, the rush of kicking open a door on Call of Duty, and every second of Mario Kart. We can;t get enough. Sure, we would sometimes rather talk about feelings. In general though, we don't mind the every once in a while junk food binge session in pajamas beating that last level with you.

The only hitch is that we don't JUST want to play video games every second of every day. Take us out on the town more often and we won;t complain as much about how much you sit with controller in hand in front of the TV.

3. Sports


We may not be as into knowing all the player's stats, your fantasy football league, or watching every single game. And, we might have started watching the games because we wanted to impress you or because that is one of the only ways to spend time with you during March Madness. But, we like to watch sports.

I began watching basketball games with a guy friend just to make him mad by going for the opposing team. The more I watched and got into the game so I could rub every point in his face, the more I actually got into the game. Before I knew it, I was a basketball fan. No, I won't read any of the 20 autobiographies he gave me of the best of NBA's players. But, I will wear my team's jersey on game days and make time to watch from the first buzzer to the last.

We also love going to games especially. They are fun. Tailgating, hotdogs, and seeing more cute boys get sweaty really appeal to us. Next time you and the buds are going to see the Rangers play, invite a sister along.

4. Beer

silkolive, Flickr

We love beer. There are so many different brew companies, brands, and tastes; there isn't some beer out there any girl can love.

We don't have quite the obsession with it that you and your beer pong buddies do, but we love a cold one every once in a while.

A lot of the time when a girl gets one of those fruity "girlie drinks" it is because she is watching her figure for your dumb self. So, give us a break when we want a vodka and Redbull instead of your favorite, Guinness. We don't want to burp or bloat in front of you. So, we may have a ladies only IPA night.

5. Sex

pussen, Flickr

Yes, you guys think about it more than we do. Yes, it fuels almost everything you do in a day. Yes, you are absolutely obsessed with it. But, girls like sex too.

I know sounds weird. Now, we aren't as vocal or feverish about it. But, we are thinking about it too. Do you think we just hate it?

No. we just would like to spend time talking to you, just holding hands, going out to eat, or really anything else than just sex all the time. Yeah, you could spend 365 days getting busy for 24 hours, but we don't want to. That doesn't mean we don't like it. And, if you think we don't talk about it with our friends, you are crazy.

So, there were a handful of things that you may not of expected for the female persuasion to like or enjoy. Now that you are educated, take this knowledge into account when you interact with us.

We may not tell you about all these things because you would take the insider's knowledge too far. Don't use and abuse our enjoyment of these activities. And try and not act so shocked when we do want to open a beer and play a video game during half-time.