With Halloween coming, some of you might get a little sentimental about your favorite childhood Halloween memories. But, being an adult during this spooky and crazy holiday is the best. Here are five reasons why being an adult during Halloween is way better than being a kid. 

I fondly remember Halloween as a child. I was a witch every year until I was 12. I loved nothing more than putting on my witch hat, grabbing my broom, and roaming my neighborhood streets looking for candy.

With every year I grow older, I realize that being an adult during this exciting time of year is far better. Why?

1. Pumpkin Beer

blakspot, Flickr

Some people get excited about other kinds of pumpkin flavored drinks, like Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte. I get excited about pumpkin beer. This seasonal beer hits the shelves and makes my little hops and wheat heart flutter.

Seriously, who doesn't love having a pumpkin spiced beer while carving (very carefully) their jack-o-lantern? This is one of the best experiences of life and something a kid could never do.

2. Candy

Juushika Redgrave, Flickr

No matter your age, we all get stoked about the impending arrival of Halloween candy. When the shelves of our local grocery stores and pharmacies are taken over with bags upon bags of these sweet treats, we all go a little nuts.

As adults, we get to decide when we get our candy fix. Children must wait until they go on their long trek through the neighborhood, house to house to fill up their bags and buckets full of candy. Even after this hard work, their parents tell them how much they can have and when. We adults get to go buy, eat it, and do whatever else we want with it.

3. Costumes

xubangwen, Flickr

As children, we are told what costume we will wear for a long time. Because of mom's limited sewing skills or the money being tight, most kids don't get free reign on what costume they wear. We adults get to be whatever our spooky or perverted hearts desire.

Sure, we could probably use some parental supervision sometimes. I mean, some of our costumes do cross some lines. But, we are grown. It is now our choice if we want to look like idiots. Kids just get subjected to being a ladybug again this year.

4. Scary Movies

mahalie, Flickr

Did you ever try to sneak into an 'R' rated movie? Hide in the hallway where your parents couldn't see you to catch any glimpse possible of a scary movie in the living room? Now you don't have to do that. Adults can scare themselves senseless with as many horror movies as they want.

B horror movies, classics, new and demented, ghost stories, or really anything other kind of scary movie you can get your hands on is now a possibility as a grown up. Kids are all so very jealous of this, they don't understand yet that the Saw movies really aren't worth the money. They just want the freedom we have. So in the Halloween season, use and abuse this right.

5. More Trick, Less Treat

Clintus McGintus, Flickr

Did you have that jerk of an older man in your neighborhood that took every Halloween as a chance to torture the neighborhood kids? Remember feeling how humiliating it was to scream like a little baby every year because you fell for his trickery AGAIN?

Well, now you are that rough and tough old man (or woman). The torch has been passed down to us to come up with creative ways to scare the kiddies. Put on your favorite mask, hide behind a bush, and get pay back for all of your childhood frights.

Don't be too mean, but a good scream is a Halloween tradition.

I hope all of you adults have a fun and safe Halloween. Remember, when enjoying your adulthood Halloween nights to not drink and drive.