With the popularity of The Walking Dead growing every season, more and more of us are finding that when we are looking for zombie themed somethings for our loved ones. But, what should you get them?

You want to be more original, like the AMC original series The Walking Dead. Getting that zombie show fan a box set, poster, or tee-shirt seems like you aren't really trying. So, get them a undead gift that will blow their socks off. Or, maybe just give them a chuckle. For your browsing pleasure, here is a cute little jingle for you.

Here are five The Walking Dead themed gifts that every fan would love to open on Christmas morning.

1. Hidden Weapons

If, or when, the zombie apocalypse happens, we all need to be prepared. No one understands this as much as a Dead fan. Get them something they can use now or when someone is looking to eat their brains for dinner, but still can be concealed so they don't look too crazy. Plus, you never know when someone will turn against you like crazy Carol. Buy them one of these hidden weapons.

For the Fella. 

Self Defense Products

The Convert Coin Knife can fit right into his pocket and be whipped out in need. Until that time of great need, this will seem like some ordinary coin.

Self Defense Products

This handy dandy writing utensil, the Pen Knife, can easily turn a signature into a deadly affair. Plus, it comes with an LED light!

For the Ladies. 

Self Defense Products



It may seem weird that a lady would pull out her lipstick while being chased by a horde of zombies. Oh, wait! It is a knife. How clever.

Self Defense Products

Trying to calm that crazy hair to look good for Mr. Norman Reedus and a zombie sneaks up behind you? No problem, use this brush's built in shank. You can look good for your arrow shooting honey and protect yourself from the undead.

2. Survival Packs

Both the ladies and men of the apocalypse will need supplies to survive when the power, water, and government systems shut down for the the zombies to rule the land. To make sure that you are stocked up, grab a survival pack.

Acorn Supplies

This back pack comes with pretty much every thing you would need to survive for a long period of time. It even has a deck of cards included for those long nights with few zombies to kill off. Need more of a supply? Check out the Acorn Supplies website for the cornucopia of choices in survival packs.

Ladies, there is one thing not included in this pack that might be essential for us all to have. This special bra.

The Emergency Bra

This emergency bra might just save your life when the air around you becomes toxic. Plus, it is pretty darn cute.

Want to know some other things that might be left out of ordinary survival packs you might need? Check this list out.

3. Eye Patches

If your Walking Dead fan has a thing for The Governor, they might just want an eye patch. Heck, why not?

FrolicandFolly, Etsy

Or, just a plain black one.


Maybe they want something a little more funky? Try this website out. They have eye patches that have bears on them.

EyePatches. com

Rock that cool patch during this time of the undead!

4. Car Wash

If your friend or family member that watches The Walking Dead enough to warrant a zombie themed gift, they will appreciate a gift card to a local car wash. Why? Because the Hyundai the Walking Dead crew has been driving for a couple of seasons now always looks fabulous. I do not know how they keep that thing so clean during all of the drama they have been through, but it looks great.

Why not live like your favorite characters and respect your vehicle by keeping it spotless. You really have no excuse to have a dirty ride when Rick manages to keep that SUV sparkling. Splash-N-Dash car wash, for instance, has gift cards and will help keep your Walking Dead fan's car looking swell.

Also, have you tried the Walking Dead Chop Shop app? It is a lo of fun, any fan of the show will love building their own zombie invasion turbo car.

The Walking Dead Chop Shop

5. All of These Things

There is a world of weird items and fangirl/boy gifts on the internet. Why get your favorite fan something like a button when you can gift them the oddest things ever seen by man. I must warn you, most of these may not make sense. Let's go!

3 Yards of 1''Walking Dead Ribbon

LittleLandSupplies, Etsy

Because, why not? What will you use it for? Who cares? Now you can give the gift of Walking Dead ribbon, let the receiver figure out what to do with 3 yards of it.

Undressing Norman Reedus Key Chain

StraightjacketFun, Etsy

This is for all of those fans of Daryl Dixon. Wait, let's be honest. This is for all of those fans of Daryl Dixon's sweaty body. What better gift that an undressing Reedus on your key chain?

Fake Zombie Ear Necklace

ZomCom, Etsy

Wow. Yup. Okay, I guess this is for the "real" fans. Only the very brave and proud of their fan status would really wear this in public, but here you go. Get this Walking Dead Zombie Ears Necklace and be just like Daryl when he went a little crazy.

Life-sized Zombie

3dhorrordollsheath, Etsy

If you have over 200 dollars you want to drop on that special someone that happens to want a life-sized zombie, here you go. I don't even want to know what people are doing with these creepy things, but more power to ya. If that is what you are into, go forth and be happy.

Well, there you have it. You can rest assured now that you have found the perfect gift for your Walking Dead fan. Show them you care with that perfect gift an don't forget to watch The Walking Dead when it starts back up on February 9th.