You might be under the impression that being in a couple during the Halloween season is the best way to go about it. Nope. Being single gives you more opportunity to enjoy this holiday to its full capacity. Here are the top 3 reasons why that is so. 

1. Stupid Couples Costumes

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Please, stop.

Couples costumes are rarely cute, creative, or funny. They are just a big experiment in making one person feel happy and that "we look so adorable together", while the other party in this dumb duo feels completely embarrassed.

Couples costumes are a form of torture that single people do not have to worry about experiencing. Single folks get to be whatever their little hearts desire.

Anyone stuck in a Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke atrocity, people coming as the Doctor and the Tardis, and any of these "trendy" couples costumes shall be looked upon by the free and creative single people of Halloween like lesser being in the costume world.

2. Sharing Halloween Food

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Sharing your Halloween candy loot, popcorn at that scary movie, and all of the other amazing food Halloween brings is for suckers.

Being single during this spooky holiday means that you don't have to share any of your Hersheys bars or candy corn.

It is sad to watch a couple fight over a bucket of popcorn in the movie theater. Why not watch that classic scary movie with peace of mind no one else's hand in venturing into your food stash?

3. Freedom of Choice

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Figuring out plans for Halloween night can get very complicated when you are in a couple. Everyone has a different set of things they want to do. A different party they want to go to. And, a different scary movie they want to watch.

Know who doesn't have this problem? Single people.

They get to do whatever sounds fun with no binding obligations to see anyone in particular or do what anyone one else wants to. They also get the freedom to met new people and try new things.

Couples always seem to fight around Halloween.

Whether it is about that stupid matching costume, the give and take of sharing candy, or the who/what/when and where of Halloween night plans. Why not try a stress free Halloween?

Go single. Go fabulous.