It is easy to build a list of annoyances when you are driving. There are plenty of times when you are going down the road that you will get frustrated with the drivers around you. Here are the top three things that they do or you may be doing that annoy everyone driving around you. 

If we put a stop to these three annoying driving habits, the world will instantly become a much better place.

1. Stay in your lane.

Please, please, please, stop using the roads as your own personal driving space. There are other drivers out there that, unfortunately for your huge ego, must ride on the same roads you travel.

I am tired of going down the road and having another car almost crush me because they are only leaving me about an inch in which to pass them. There is so much more room for you on the other side of the road! I will not stop behind a car parked on the street to wait for you to travel spaciously in the middle of the road when there is plainly enough room for the both of us.

This is a real annoyance when the road lanes are VERY clearly marked. The lines on the road are not for decoration. They are telling you were you need to stay. Don't ride the line or swerve between the lanes like you own the place. I am not trying to insult you by trying to go about my day in my own darn lane.

Maybe you are scared. Maybe you aren't paying attention. Maybe you can't see what you are doing. Maybe you don't understand the laws. Maybe you don't know how to drive. Any of these excuses are reason enough to NOT DRIVE. Go home you road hog.

2. Bad parking.

It is so annoying to pull into a packed parking lot and finally see that open spot shining like the beacon of hope you have waiting your whole parking life for and there be a car so out of the parking lines that not even a bicycle can fit in the spot.

When people cannot park with courtesy, it makes me want to park right behind them and block them into that horrible parking decision and wait on me like they have made the inconvenience in my life.

If you drive a larger car.

1. Learn to operate it. Large turns are in some cases acceptable because of your horrible turning radius, but we can tell when you just are being a inconsiderate jerk.
2. Don't park in compact only spots.
3. Don't park in the middle of the opening for street parking. You aren't big enough to fill the whole spot and a compact car could fit.
4. If you are too larger to fit in the spot, park further back in the lot. It won't kill you to walk a few extra feet.

 3. Being bumper buddies.

I absolutely hate when people pull all the up to touching distance of my bumper when coming to a stop.

What are you even doing? This is not helping you, it is just annoying.

If you get rear ended, you will come flying into me and then you have to repair my car. Why put yourself in that position? Give some breathing room, please.

If we are at a hill, I might slide back into you because your bumper is trying to kiss mine. Again, you will have to pay for the damages done to our cars because you needed to be those extra 100 inches closer to the stopping point.

You are not going to get where you are going any faster because you are a centimeter from where my car is. It doesn't make sense. Plus, most of you that pull up too close are far behind me when the light turns green. Did you really need that much of a head start only to fall far behind?

Unless someone has a bunch of interesting or funny bumper stickers, no one wants you that close to them.


A comedian once said that it was interesting to watch drivers on the road. The aggressive and domineering things that people think they can pull off when in the "safety" of their car is astounding. They stated, that is not how we act when we are not in our cars (well, most of us).

What would the world look like if people did these three things while walking through the mall? The world would look creepy and ridiculous. Imagine this...

You are walking through the mall and someone is walking along side you. You wouldn't walk so close to them that your shoulders are touching and their other shoulder is not pressed against the wall or other shoppers. You wouldn't stand right in the middle of the door way while you make a call or decided which store to visit next or sit in the middle of the heavy traffic hallways for a rest. You also wouldn't stand so close to the person in front of you in line that they can feel your breath against the back of their neck and feel your shoes touching the backs of theirs.

So, why act in these annoying ways on the road. Remember, your car in not a right. It is though, a means of hurting or killing other. Be nice and drive safe, or stay off the road.